Who We Are

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless MC-Cubed's potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.


Nathan Lipinski

Chief Executive Officer

From idea sharing to problem-solving, I feel am very resourceful. I think a big part of being an entrepreneur is to always bring a different perspective to a conversation. We just see things differently. I like to challenge ideas to make sure they are solid, as well as bring up good points to how they could be improved. I love innovation and always want to be a part of it.


Check out Nathan’s pitch in Shark Tank for his revolutionary product, Freezer Friend.


Cole Fisher

Human Resource Director

Cole graduated from UMN Duluth with a B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology, and a B.A. in Biochemistry in May 2016. She is the expert technical writer for MC-Cubed’s innovative product, StarShip. She met CEO Nathan Lipinski in Cell Bio, Fall 2014, and the two have since been close-knit friends.



Olle Sedeilus

Finance and Int. Relations

Olle is a senior at UW Superior, studying Economics & International Business. He speaks fluent Swedish and played hockey for UW Superior. He loves traveling, listening to and playing music.



Leslie Broadway

Risk Assessment Specialist

Leslie is a journalism major from Arkansas. She has a bit of spunk in her step and can see a risk from a mile away. Leslie’s experience at St. Jude Medical Center allow her to deliver excellent project related strategies.


Kellen Ferber

Product Design Engineer

Kellen is pursuing a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at UMN Duluth. He has been assiduous in improving Freezer Friend prototypes and looks forward to furnishing the final product. He is an avid viewer of cult classics like Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" and loves every genre of songs (except for country music)!



Trae Wherland


Ethan Dressen

Marketing Analytics

Ethan is a senior at UMN Duluth studying Marketing Analytics and Finance. He has displayed a compelling work ethic in developing business plans for operations across the board at MC-Cubed. He is passionate for analyzing data, volleyball and playing the piano.



Susanna Broadway

Test Subject

Susanna has been with us a little over 6 years. She started as a test product and recently was promoted to Test Subject, one of the most important positions at MC-Cubed. She has exceeded expectations and overcome knowledge related barriers more than anyone at MC-Cubed.


Alex Nichifor

Product Design Engineer

Alex is studying Mechanical Engineering with an Emphasis in Material Science at UMN Duluth. He has been diligently working towards improving StarShip and preparing it for mass production. He enjoys the art of sailing and woodworking.



Jessica Leung

Business Development

Jessica is a junior at UMN Duluth studying Economics and Political Science. She has been committed to assisting in marketing efforts to help showcase MC-Cubed and its operations. She is an enthusiastic video gamer and musician, playing the piano, guitar, and saxophone.



Grant Mitchell

Application Development

Grant is a junior at UMN Duluth pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. He is highly proficient with Java, C++, and Python. He loves trying new foods and listening to music.



Trace Drechsler

Product Design Engineer

Trace graduated this past spring with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. He specializes in manufacturing and product design/testing. He enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, and more.



TaNNER FRondell

Graphic Design Engineer